Life Membership

Membership is £10 for Life Membership.  

Please contact the Membership Secretary or print the form and send with your remittance to him. The address is on the form.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership of the ONA is FREE and you can sign up by clicking here. Just enter a few details about yourself and we will be able to contact you by email or phone. Associate Membership enables you to be informed about the ONA versus School sports and other events such as Reunions.

You will not receive any mailouts (by post) and any magazines which are produced by the Association.

If you wish to become a Full Member (it’s only £10 for life) and receive any communication by post then please follow the instructions above.


Many members have also kindly set up a regular Standing Order eg. £5 per annum.  This has helped greatly in the funding of the O.N.A.  Whilst most events are self-financing, magazine production and post and packaging costs continue to increase.

If you would like to make a donation - Click Here for the Bank Transfer details or simply send a cheque payable to The Old Newburians’ Association to the Membership Secretary

If you would like to set up a regular Standing Order please email your address to the editor and a copy of the form can be sent to you. Alternatively, print the form here, complete and send to your bank.